Bob Kuntz on Senator Kerry

INTRO: Miami Democratic Activist Bob Kunst has received national news over the past few months as he has tried -unsucessfully - to recruit Hillary Clinton into the mix as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President.

Kunst has also led the fight for gay rights for decades...He was in Orlando today, protesting John Kerry's appearance there........That's because Kerry said last week that that he supports amending the Massachusetts Constitution to ban gay marriage and provide for civil unions for gay couples. (roll tape#1 o.q."in Massachusetts")

Kerry's comments, made last Thursday in the Boston Globe, has angered gay activists in his home state. Kerry, has come out AGAINST a Federal Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage, a move that President Bush announced his support for last week.

Kerry had been under pressure to take a position in the ongoing debate in Massachusetts. A ruling by the Supreme Judicial Court there te means that same sex marriages can begin in May.

But with the November election now looming as a Kerry-Bush matchup, surely gays will NOT hold his views on the issue in Massachusetts against, him.....Gay Activist Bob Kuntz says, some of them may (roll tape#2 o.q."a very different direction")

The Boston Globe also reports that earlier this year, Kerry was the only member of the state's all-Democrat congressional delegation who chose NOT to sign a letter urging the state Legislature to reject a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. When the Legislature convened in January to consider amendment language, Kerry stayed silent, a position that drew criticism from several gay media outlets. New England's largest gay-targeted newspaper, In Newsweekly, cited Kerry's "flip-flops" on the issue of gay marriage in an editorial to be published last week endorsing his then rival, Senator John Edwards

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