KERRY/BUSH - Mitch Perry


Meanwhile, there is now almost 8 full months the country will go to the polls and decide whether to re-elect George W. Bush, or his likely Democratic Party challenger, John Kerry.

With John Edwards withdrawal from the race yesterday, now only Dennis Kucinich and the Reverend Al Sharpton are active candidates as Floridians go to the Polls next Tuesday.

Writing in the Internet magazine Slate.Com, political journalist Chris Sullentrop wrote yesterday that "the whole Edwards-Kerry Super Tuesday face-off was a bunch of hooey. The presidential race was over at the end of the first week of February."

WMNF spoke today with Slate. Com's Chris Sullentrop to discuss the Democratic Primaries, beginning by asking him about John Edwards, and why the most of the media failed to actually say that (roll tape#1 o.q."than liberal")

That was Slate.Com Washington reporter Chris Sullentrop, speaking about the Democratic Presidential Primary season, and the election coming this November.

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