Although John Edwards withdrawal from the Democratic race for President has in effect given the nomination to John Kerry, Democrats in Tampa this weekend are using Tuesday's Presidential Primary election as a prep for what is sure to be a fall offensive for the White House.

Tomorrow at noon, the Hillsborough County Democratic Primary will host an event at Lowry Park in Tampa , featuring former U.S. Senator Max Cleland from Georgia, who has been an effective campaigning this year for his fellow Vietnam brother, John Kerry.......

And John Kerry himself will be coming to Tampa, this Monday night at 7 PM in Centro Ybor....making up for his originally scheduled appearance this past Tuesday that was scuttled when he was called back to Washington for a vote on a bill involving Guns that was ultimately shelved in part by the National Rifle Association.

Before tomorrow's event at Lowry Park, a local group of Democrats will be canvassing in a certain district in South Tampa.....They're calling themselves the 537 Club (roll tape#1 o.q."doesn't happen again"Jeannie Keener is from the 537 Club (roll tape#2 o.q."

That's a mistake")

Much has been made out of how focused the Democratic Party is to defeat George W. Bush come this November........AND how the voting irregularities, which included the inaccurate listing of thousands of ex-felons which prevented them from voting, led to the debacle that was the Florida Presidential Recount.....

Tampa Democrat Jeannie Keener says that's the reason the 537 Club was formed - to make sure every registered Democrat gets out to vote this year, starting tomorrow morning (roll tape#3 o.q."from here on out")

The 537 Club will meet tomorrow at Friendship Park on Bay to Bay in South Tampa at 9:30 AM....

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