KUCINICH AT USF - Darien Cavanaugh and Beth Wolfe


Last night, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke at USF’s Special Events Center in a public forum hosted by the Student Government.

Voice Over: Nearly 250 people, including students and activists, attended the forum. Students arrived with a broad range of questions, for the democratic candidate.

Brandon hoped to learn of more significant ways for college students to become more active and effective in political activites.

Voice over one:

Kucinich addressed these concerns, as well as a range of others, including tuition, women’s rights, gay marriage, and standardized testing.

Cut two: Kucinich on student activists

Kucinish went on to remind students of the roll young activists played in changing government policies in the sixties and seventies

Cut three…environment, sweatshops etc.

Several students asked questions concerning abortion and women’s rights, Kucinich answered with his ideas for both increased education and of women’s right to choose…

Cut to abortion….

He then went on to frame the topic in a global persective…

Cut to UN etc.

Kucinich made clear his support of gay rights and gay marriage, and criticized the Bush administration’s policy on the subject

Cut to gay marriage….

Election reform became another key topic of the discussion, with Kucinich urging people to question the use of electronic voting machines.

Cut to vot…. He also criticized corporate and private campaign contributions, and recommended public funding for campaigns as an alternative.

Cut to corp stuff….

While some students left without their chief concerns being addressed, many felt very satisfied with the forum and Kucinich’s speech.

Cut to final quote….

For more information on the Dennis Kucinich campaign, log on to Kucinich .us For WMNF, Darien Cavanaugh and Beth Wolf reporting.

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