INTRO: Just when Pasco County voters thought that they were safe in their decisions on the Penny for Pasco innititive, another twist entered picture on Friday when Jenifer Seeney, head of “Preserve Pasco� a pro-penny group, filed suit against Wesley Chappel resident Larry Toll for Elections violations. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has the story:

VOICE: Florida law states that if you raise more than five hundred dollars to spread a political message, in this case an anti-tax message, you must register as a political action committee and disclose that information somewhere on any literature. “That’s the Law� said Kurt Browning, Pasco Counties supervisor of elections. Saturday, WMNF spoke to Jenefer Seney head of “Preserve Pasco� Roll Tape:

WMNF asked Seney how far into Pasco County these mailings went and to whom. Roll tape:

Ann Bunting is chair of the Republican party’s “AX the Tax� campaign. Bunting initially agreed to an interview, but after hearing that she would be asked questions pertaining to her affiliations with Cast Crete and Larry toll, the subject of Seney’s lawsuit, she declined saying she was in Pinellas county and on vacation. Registered voters, all women, in diverse locations in Pasco county shared their views on the proposed new tax. Roll tape:

Jenifer Seney of “Preserve Pasco� was asked if she thought the penny issue would pass in the polls tomorrow. Roll tape:

So, if you are a registered voter in pasco county, regardless of your party affiliations, every ballot counts. This is Mark Antokas for WMNF

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