Legislature plans cuts to children's services

05/01/08 Robert Lorei
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According to the Florida Coalition for Children, a Tallahassee-based advocacy group, the state Legislature will cut services to children by $18.9-million below last year's levels, and will slash $30.3-million more that's needed to pay for a growing number of adoptions and youths too old to stay in foster care.

Last year in Florida more than 3,000 foster children were adopted, up from 1,500 in just the past three years. The new budget would cut subsidies to adoptive parents by $3.8-million.

To talk about the state Legislature’s actions toward children, we’re joined by Sarah Johnston, director of development at the Children’s Home Society of Florida and Robin Rosenberg, deputy director of Florida's Children First. (Rosenberg also happens to be married to Barry Shalinsky, a member of WMNF’s Board of directors.)

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I had a comment about something Robin said on yesterday's show. She said that no kids would die because of the budget cuts. If they are cutting the number of child abuse investigators and social workers who help these kids who are still in dangerous situations then I think some kids could very well die waiting for help. That's the scariest part. It wasn't that long ago that we had reports of the DCF losing kids because case workers were over loaded. Why would they consider cuts that endager our children who need us the most.