TV ad campaigning on climate change begins

05/14/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

A new television ad campaign advocating for combating climate change begins airing today throughout Florida.

The campaign is being sponsored by two environmental groups who have recruited a dozen business and community leaders.

Jay Liles is a policy consultant with the Florida Wildlife Federation. He says that his group can do all the advocating in the world, but it won’t have as much impact as the businesss community embracing climate change.

Gerry Karnas is the Florida climate project director with the other group involved in the campaign, the Environmental Defense Fund.

The groups will air nine different ads in several markets throughout the state, including in the Tampa Bay area. The ads ask that citizens support bill in the Senate sponsored by Virginia Republican John Warner and Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman.The bill would reduce carbon dioxide emissions from across the economy so that by mid-century the U.S. would put out about 70 percent less CO2 than it did in 1990.

Some critics say that the government and business can do all they want to limit greenhouse gas emissions, but it may be futile if other nations, like China, and India don’t limit their emissions. But Liles says the U.S. needs to lead, and the rest of the world will follow on the issue of climate change.

Tomorrow we’ll hear from some of the businessmen who are involved with this campaign.

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