Dr. Cliff Matousek, a resident of South Florida, has been traveling back and forth to Haiti since 2001. He and his wife have run a two room school house, helped teach farming and business skills to Haitians in small villages, and set up a program called Literacy for Haiti, which for the past 7 years has operated a vocational school focusing on reading, writing, Bible, mathematics and appropriate technology. He was planning to leave for Haiti On February 8th, but received word that the political situation was becoming too dangerous.

ACT “for our people..…..things have been relatively calm there..ability to get food, supplies and various things�

Matosek says the problems of daily survival Haiti, which have gained international attention in the past few weeks aren’t new to moist Haitians.

ACT “Ever since…Send those people to those schools�

Matsoukek says that because of the location of the places he works in Haiti, the people are not so affected by the countries political policies.

ACT “but usually what’s happened…neutral issue for them�

But what about Jean Paul Aristide?

ACT “in 1991….expectations, I don’t know�

For more information about Literacy for Haiti, email drcmat@yahoo.com

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