Tampa will draft plan for reclaimed water

06/05/08 Mitch E. Perry
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The city of Tampa will soon hire a consultant to produce a master plan for reclaimed water, to analyze the best way to use the valuable resource.

Steve Dagnault, the city’s administrator of Ppublic Works and Utility Services, announced today. Dagnault says the city recently crafted an agreement with Tampa International Airport, and is just now planning on getting reclaimed along the Bayshore for irrigation there. He also says the city hopes to have reclaimed used as Curtis Hixon Park is redeveloped and when Kiley Gardens is rejuvenated.

The concept of a master plan for reclaimed water comes after the city began discussions for an agreement with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (Switfmud) and Water Partners Inc. (WPI) that could let the city sell reclaimed water to Tampa Electric Co., Mosaic Fertilizer and Polk County water users.

Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena said it was critical that the city develop a plan for the resource.

Councilman Charlie Miranda inquired about the Memorandum of Understanding with Mosaic Fertilizer and Polk County regarding reclaimed water, which he was told by city attorneys have not been signed yet. Miranda said the city needed to be guarded in working with other entities on the resource.

Councilman John Dingfelder said he wanted to ensure that a master plan maximizes the current STAR program, where reclaimed water is available only in the South Tampa area, to a very limited public base.

Miranda said the master plan should include a requirement of mandatory use, saying that’s the only way the plan could pay for itself.

Dagnault said the master plan would take six to nine months to complete, and hopefully would start within the next few months.

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