RFK's last campaign documented in book

06/11/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

It was 40 years ago last week that Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles, the night after he won the California Democratic primary.

The bullets ended his life ended at age 42 and his amazing but short campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.

Thurston Clarke has written a new book, The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America. WMNF spoke with Clarke yesterday and began by asking the author, who was 22 in 1968, what he was doing during Robert Kennedy’s last campaign.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to write this book on Bobby Kennedy. He genuinely cared and this inspired millions and still does. However, its no wonder there has been so much apathy towards the "tell them what the want to hear politians" we've had to endure these past 40 years. This should be a must read book for all students in this country. Great job