Vic DiMaio on Obama's chances in Florida

06/20/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday

Earlier this year, DiMaio sued the Democratic National Committee for stripping the state of its delegates to its National Convention.

Although he insisted he was neutral in the Democratic Primary, it was mainly Hillary Clinton supporters who seized on the delegate problem, and insisted that that the DNC recognize all of Florida’s delegates.

Last month, the DNC’s Rules and By-Laws Committee settled for a compromise, restoring all of the delegates, but giving them only half a vote, which was the same penalty the Republican National Committee gave to Florida Republicans for moving the primary date up until January, a violation of both national party's rules.

In the first of a two-part interview, WMNF spoke with Vic DiMaio today about Obama’s contest in Florida against John McCain. Three polls came out this week, two showing Obama leading in Florida for the first time; another, Rasmussen, showed McCain on top – and showed him doing better if you included McCain’s call for the end of a federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

Hear the second part of our interview with DiMaio next week on the Evening News.

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DiMaio was fighting for integrity of the process,

As a Florida Democrat who has followed the delegate issue extremely closely since even before Howard Dean actually officially removed our delegates (when he was just threatening to do so), I take issue with your insinuation that it is only Clinton supporters who were up in arms about the delegate issue. I was OUTRAGED over it (although I have accepted the ruling of the Rules & Bylaws Committee) since the moment Dean decreed it and that was BEFORE a single vote was cast and when all the candidates were on both ballots of Florida and Michigan. Similarly, Vic Dimaio is outraged about this on principle. It has nothing to do with which candidate one supports, it has to do with the VOTERS and the fairness and integrity of the process.