Democratic group angry at Obama

07/08/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Debate on amending the controversial FISA bill in the Senate began today, though votes on the bill and three different amendments won’t happen until tomorrow.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama has angered some of his supporters in recent weeks by agreeing to vote for the GOP-sponsored amendments to FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

On Obama's own social networking website, a group of supporters lobbying the senator for a "no" vote on the FISA amendments have amassed in greater numbers than groups formed officially by the campaign itself. The group's founder, liberal blogger and activist Mike Stark, called the move a "stiff arm to the people that care about the Constitution."

An escrow fund was created by the independent activist group to force Obama to rethink his position on the warrantless-wiretapping legislation. is asking donors to contribute a total of $1 million in conditional pledges that would be distributed to the candidate as long as his stances jibed with the group’s position.

To find out more about their escrow account to keep Barack Obama progressive, go to

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