Mystery candidates frustrate Green Party officials

07/18/08 Mitch E.Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

There are five candidates listed with the Green Party in Florida who have filed to run in legislative races this year, but state Greens have no idea who they are.

One candidate is listed as living in Riverview, though she is running for a Senate seat far outside of Hillsborough County.

Aniana Robas, 28, of Riverview is registered as a Green Party member in late May, and is running against Democrat State Sen. Dave Aronberg, whose wide District 27 seat occupies both coats of South Florida, but not any part of Hillsborough, where Robas resides.

WMNF attempted to call Robas today, but could only leave a message.

Aronberg says he‘s not certain what’s going on. The Republican Party of Florida has denied any involvement in the mysterious Green Party candidates qualifying for these legislative races.

Green Party officials say the blame for the confusion about not knowing their own candidates is a state law that passed last year. The law now allows any member of a qualified minor party to obtain the nomination of his or her party for any office under than president just by filing for the primary. This precludes the Greens, the Liberatarians, or any other third party from preventing a candidate that they don’t endorse from running under the party’s name anyway, according to Green Party spokeswoman Julia Aires.

This weekend some Green Party board members will meet with 20-year-old Christina Wright, who is running for the District 81 House Seat being vacated by Republican Gayle Harrell.

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