INTRO: With millions of Americans without health benefits in this country, for some, it a comfort and a necessity to have regular acess to a clinic open to Pasco county residents, in New Port Richey. WMNF’s Mark Antokas has the story.

SCRIPT: On Thys road, just north of State Route 54 in New Port Richey is the Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco County. It stands on a parking lot on just over one acre, four single wide mobile homes put end to end and beside each other, to provide free medical, dental, and prescription services to low income residents of Pasco County. WMNF asked Barbara Holton, the executive director about the mission of the Good Samaritan Clinic. Roll Tape:

WMNF asked Barbara Holton how all this started. Roll Tape:

Ann Hildebrand, Pasco County Commissioner from district three explained where the initial start up funds came from. Roll Tape:

Barbara Holton, the executive director of the clinic said “The clinic provides a wide range of services, from an ingrown toe-nail to open heart surgery, and everything in between� Roll Tape:

WMNF asked how the clinic’s clientele afforded prescription medication. Roll Tape:

WMNF asked how the clinic is funded. Roll Tape:

Pasco County Commissioner Ann hildebrand, Republican district three had this to say about socialized medicine. Roll Tape:

WMNF asked Good Samaritan what was the most serious case that they’ve had in the past. Roll Tape:

WMNF spoke with some of the clinic’s patients. Roll Tape:

Again, Barbara Holton, the clinics executive director. Roll Tape:

The Good Samaritan Clinic is located at 4035 Thys (that’s T-H-Y-S) road in New Port Richey, just north of State Road 54. Their telephone number is 727-848-7789, and is open Monday to Thursday from 10am -6pm. Reporting from Pasco County, this is Mark Antokas, WMNF radio news.

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