Wexler: Lieberman's message is wrong for S. Florida

07/21/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Independent Senator and John McCain supporter Joseph Lieberman is in South Florida today, stumping for the Republican for President.

The Connecticut legislator told the Hartford Courant that in addition to a couple of fundraisers, he was going to speak to Hispanic, Christain and Jewish groups over the course of 2 days in the Sunshine State.

Lieberman has previously campaigned for McCain in south Florida, and was considered to be popular with both the local Jewish community and with Cuban Americans.

But Palm Beach area Democratic Congressman Robert Wexler said the Joe Lieberman of 2008 is a far cry from the man ran a historic race in 2000 as Al Gore’s running mate.

Wexler says that Liberman’s influence is also muted this year.

There have been reports that some members of the Jewish community in Florida have been hesitant to embrace Barack Obama, first against Hillary Clinton, and now against John McCain, though the reasons why have never been completely clear.

Wexler has been a supporter of Obama practically from the time the Illinois senator announced he was running for president last year. As Obama’s co-chairman in Florida, Wexler has been the Democratic nominee’s main conduit to the South Florida Jewish community that Obama is a strong supporter of Israel.

Obama is scheduled to have dinner with Israel Prime Minister Ahud Olmert in Jerusalem tomorrow night.

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