But since Mayor Pam Iorio's election last year, that's been harder to do. In recent months members of the group Food Not Bombs say they've been more harassed by local police when trying to do distribute food.....And yesterday, a member of that group was arrested by Tampa Police in Massey Park in downtown Tampa.. ...he says it was only because he asked the question, "Why couldn't he feed the homeless?"

Tampa resident Mark Parrish explains what happened.....(roll tape#1 o.q."the word game with us") Parrish was charged with trespassing.

Mayor Iorio has made it clear that she doesn't believe its productive to feed the homeless spontaneously....She told the Tampa Tribune last October she doesn't believe it's a viable solution for the homeless.


So the city now asks that groups get a permit to serve food....But Anthony Schmidt from Food Not Bombs, that that is not an option (roll tape#2 o.q."that's what we were doing")

And the group references Tampa's own Law Enforcement - codes which they say make it legal to hold picnics in dedicated parks, such as Massey Park.

Food Not Bomb's Mark Parrish says despite yesterday's arrest, he still plans on going out next Sunday to Massey Park. (roll tape#3 o.q."commodity") .

Parrish has a Court Date on April 19th, and Food Not Bombs plans a major demonstration in front of the County Courthouse before that hearing at 8AM...They say that like yesterday, they will be serving food..

For more information, you can go the Tampa Chapter of Food Not Bomb's website....that's at

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