Does it always have to be about the Clintons?

08/25/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

On the website of The New Republic magazine today, former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson writes that it’s up to Barack Obama to pay more respect to the Clintons this week as a way to mend the rift in the party.

Wolfson writes, “That there is still work to do on the Bill Clinton front. He feels like the Obama campaign ran against and systemically dismissed his administration’s accomplishments. And he feels like he was painted as a racist during the primary process.”

Such thoughts infuriate syndicated columnist David Sirota, who blogged on the In These Times website today that, “as disgusting and disingenuous as this is, it is pretty predictable. The Clintons are doing everything they can to make this convention all about them - and to absolve themselves from the substantive criticism of both Clintonism and Bill Clinton's behavior on the campaign.”

This afternoon, WMNF spoke with Sirota, who is in Denver. His latest book is called, The Uprising:An unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt scaring Wall Street and Washington.

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