15 years ago today, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker ran aground in the Prince William Sound in Alaska. The oil spill that resulted killed almost 300 thousand animals, making it one of the largest environmental disasters in US history. The incident brought the dangers of oil to the publics attention, but there are still 400 oil spills every year on Alaska’s north slope., and the Valdez spill is not completely cleaned up. The Sierra club brought together several groups today in Straub park in St Petersburg, to remind the public that the worlds dependence on oil is still just as dangerous now as it was when the Valdez disaster occurred..

ACT “today, on the anniversary of the Valdez, the administration has…15 years later…it should serve as a reminder…instead they pursue reckless policies.�

Darden Rice is with the sierra club.

ACT ‘the bush administration has lacked the leadership …car tucks SUVs, raise efficiency, raising standards..we can reach 40 miles to the gallon. More than 789 Valdez tanker trips.�

Tom Wheatly is with the Alaska Coalition, he says that because oil is such big business, both Alaska and Florida are in grave danger.

ACT “15 years ago, the Exxon Valdez…we haven’t done much to se it wouldn’t happen, Arctic national wildlife refuge…Tom Delay supports drilling, so that they can open up gulf, if we had an oil spill, the economy would be devastated.�

Cameron Jones has a hybrid car, he says that Americans do have choices in their everyday lives, which can help save the environment before it’s to late

ACT “there seems to be a national goal by the Bush administration to harbor as much oil as possible, it’s a way to get votes.�

Winnie Foster works with the sojourner Truth project in Saint Petersburg.he says that people must be aware of the effects of their actions.

ACT “I’m a great grandmother, I think about the children…..we’ve had a spill on our coast…everything revolves in this world around the way we use resources, and we have to be involved.�

After holding a press conference in Straub Park, about 20 people then went to the baywalk shopping center to educate the public about the anniversary of the Valdez oil spill, and the damage that America’s dependence on oil is doing to America. People seemed to know the danger of oil, but not feel like there were any easy solutions.

Pablo ACT “oil is the only gas we have, until its finished, there is no other option.�

Me: if people said lets drill in the gulf, is that good or bad? Id say no , if something happens, we die completely.�

ACT “Me: when theyre dine teaching the lesson about oil, do you feel like it’s a good or bad thing? --Both, its for cars and food. What about the bad side? The bad parts are if it spills, it will kill animals which means we wont have food. So if you had a chance to vote, what would you say, because animals would die.�

ACT �I don’t think that oils necessarily bad, but we need to be more efficient….not just since Valdez, nut since 911 we’ve become more conscious of it, we need to start being more conscious.�

A new website was launched today, with information and a new movie about oil Americas oil dependence, and alternatives which people can choose.that website address is www.notanothervaldezs.com

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