Professor Juan Cole on Iraq and the election

09/30/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity program. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up, an interview with Juan Cole, a history professor from the University of Michigan who writes an influential blog covering the Middle East called “Informed Comment”.

We’ll also hear about the CLIP film festival- formerly the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival which gets under way this week.

But first- five listener comments about last Thursday’s program in which we featured a spokesman for Congress Watch on the proposed bailout of Wall Street.

First up today: John Chambrone’s interview with Chuck Henson, the executive director of CLIP, the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. This interview was originally supposed to run last Wednesday, but due to technical problems it did not run as scheduled. So we are bringing it to you today. Here’s John Chambrone, the host and producer of our program "Out in the Open."

Next up: Juan Cole, the creator of the influential blog “Informed Comment,” which you can find at He’s a professor of Modern Middle East History and South Asian History at the University of Michigan. He is a frequent commentator on Democracy Now and PBS on the topic of U.S. relations with Middle Eastern and South Asia. He’ll be speaking Saturday night in Sarasota at an event sponsored by Florida Veterans for Common Sense and the Florida Consumer Action Network.

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