Congressional challengers weigh in on bailout

10/03/08 Seán Kinane
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While incumbents Kathy Castor and Gus Bilirakis were in Washington casting their votes against the Wall Street bailout bill that passed the House today, the challengers who are trying to win their seats debated at the Tampa Tiger Bay Club.

Castor was the only one of nine House Democrats from Florida who bucked party leadership and voted against the bill. Challenging Castor for her District 11 seat is Republican Eddie Adams Jr., who said he also opposed the bailout.

Five Florida Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for the bailout bill; 11 voted against, including Gus Bilirakis. Bilirakis faces four challengers for his District 9 seat. Neither John Kalimnios, who is running without party affiliation, nor write-in candidate Andrew Pasayan attended the Tiger Bay Club debate on Friday, but Democrat Bill Mitchell did and said he supports the bailout plan.

The fourth person in the District 9 race is Richard Emmons who is a member of a new party called Term Limits for the United States Congress Party. Emmons opposes the bailout.

The event was co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters. WMNF spoke with several people in attendance to find out their opinion of the bailout bill, an hour before the House passed it.

Tampa business owner Joe Redner opposes the bailout.

Michael Steinberg, chair of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee, said he opposes the bailout. The money should be used instead for public works, transit, and infrastructure programs, Steinberg said.

Fellow Democrat Vic DiMaio, who is finance chair of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee, said he doesn’t like everything about the bill, but supports it.

The next Tiger Bay Club of Tampa meeting on Oct. 17 will feature a debate on Amendment 2, which if it gets 60 percent support on November’s ballot will outlaw partnership rights for everyone except people in heterosexual marriages. The debate will be at Maestro’s restaurant in the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

The deadline to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 6.

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How members of the House voted on the bailout

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Stealing is Stealing

Apparently I have to say this again, Stealing is bad. Stealing is bad no matter what perceived goodness will transpire. To make the argument that the bailout bill is bad and in the same breath say stealing the money for other purposes is ok shows disingenuous intent. Allow me to be a little graphic, person shows up at your house to rape you, you say no. The rapist leaves but returns with a new proposal, that they will use a condom. Are you any less raped, no. Even if the rapist sweet talks real good, no means NO. So Congress put the figurative condom on, added some sweetness and ignore your pleas to stop, and rape every single one of you. Now we the people are expected to buy the rape kit and pay for a luxurious lifestyle of the rapists. So what have we learned today class. Stealing is bad, even when it seemed like a good idea at the time. Educate yourself join your local "Campaign for Liberty" on

Kathy Castor Voted No To Serve Her Needs

The only reason Castor voted no was because she is running for re-election and she knows this bill is not popular. The DNC allowed her to vote no, since they still had enough votes to pass it. She just wants the office, she does not care about the constituents. She did the same in 2005 when she was fighting verbally with Rhonda Storms just to get her name in the press. Everyone knows most voters do not do their due diligence in research and if your name is out there, that is all the matters. Send Castor a message on Nov 4, vote her out. She has been terrible. We need new blood! New ideas, new thoughts. Not the same partisan politics.