Protestors march against Wall Street bailout

10/06/08 Concetta DeLuco
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Regardless of age, race, ideals and party preference, opposition to the Wall Street bailout united several progressive groups and demonstrators who gathered in St. Petersburg on Saturday for a protest and march to City Hall.

“No justice, no peace, don’t bail out Wall Street” was just one of the many chants that resonated in the streets of downtown St. Petersburg early Saturday morning as a crowd of more than 50 people gathered at Williams Park to condemn the bailout.

Omali Yeshitela is the leader of the Uhuru movement. He said regardless of the bailout being accepted, the protest needed to take place.

Posters of every size and shape illustrating the anger and frustration of the crowd decorated the march, that began at 1st Avenue and 4th Street. The group marched through the massive throng of people at the Saturday Morning Market that just opened for the season and ended on the steps of City Hall.

The Rev. Gregory Lockett is a representative for FAVA, Falsely Accused Victims of Crime. He said our society is polluted with the “wealthy getting wealthier and the poor getting poorer.” Lockett was not pleased with the responses the protest received from the bystanders.

Holding a poster containing derogatory language directed toward Congress, Tia Michel said $700 billion a totally arbitrary figure for the bailout and there is no way to know if it will even help the situation.

Many of the protestors believe that there are still ways to get the bailout overturned. Mark Frankenburg, a participant in the protest, said part of the solution is to get everyone in the community involved.

Maryann Hubert is a member of the grassroots group St. Pete for Peace. Hubert said Congress is trying to put pressure on the American citizens to believe the bailout is the only answer to Wall Street's economic problem, but she says Americans cannot allow these same people who caused the problem to convince us.

Holding a sign that read, “ How much does a free market cost,” Tom Lingo said the bailout has been a terrible misdirection of funds that will not help the American people. Lingo said he hopes the economy does not get any worse.

Yeshitela said America was born as a predatory nation and those who have benefitted from the beginning have ignored the hardships of those who helped build the country like the Native Americans and blacks. Why should we help the same people who caused this subprime market crisis, Yeshitela said, and who have never helped the citizens, but rather intentionally pit the middle class and poor against each other to keep them beneath corporate America.

This historic effort to help fix the economic crisis on Wall Street has been estimated to cost $700 billion, but there is no concrete estimate for how much is actually needed to fix the problem.

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No Vote November

It is time for the american people to show the power of the people by not voting in November making a statement and delaying the elections until some one gets it right! We say “No Vote November” and we say we will not vote until satisfied with the government taking responsibility and shoving it back on wall street. We as a people can decide to vote in the spring or when hell freezes over, Bush is already packing and I say not so fast buddy! He needs to clean up after part of his own mess! Neither of our candidates have done bull crap and the same old washington is going to be the same old washington and just getting worse. It is time to set aside politics' “It’s not working” We the people have the power to stand the political process on its head and be heard. We have the power not to vote in protest, Delay the elections.

Common Cause?

I attended the St. Pete "Bailout" march as a member of the Ron Paul, "Campaign for Liberty". We were invited by the organizers of the event to attend. It was a collection of different groups that were against the bailout, but for different reasons. My reason, stealing is bad when individuals do, it's worse when groups do and the even most worst when Govt. does. There are two ways to steal, by force like a thug or smooth like the con artist. The con artist says it's for the good of "-----", the thug creates fear of immediate loss of "-----". Some of the attendees gave me the impression that they weren't necessarily against stealing, just that they were not getting any of the loot. Even in Congress some that voted against the bailout said they would of been for the stealing, if it had "this or that" in the bill. Until we as a people truly understand that stealing is STEALING, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over again. On a side not, how many people know the #1 way Govt. steals their money, anybody? The answer is through the "Inflation Tax", devaluing your money RIGHT NOW, while it's in your pocket. Seriously, END the FED, they are the ones that have managed to steal 97% of the value of your money. That's right you dollar is only worth 3 cents. When the fiat dollar was created in 1913 by the Federal Reserve it was worth 100 pennies and bought 100 pennies worth of goods and services. The bailout just devalued your dollar, again and it effects everything. Here again is the famous Jefferson quote: "If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." For Liberty, Lee Join your local "Campaign for Liberty" on