Women's Show-Kate Michelman on Unborn Victims of Violence Act


Kate Michelman, president of NARAL ProChoice America talks about Senate bill 1019, the so-called Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA), which creates a penalty for anyone convicted of harming a fetus during commission of certain federal crimes. This legislation, which passed the Senate 61 to 38, fails to mention the harm to the woman resulting from an involuntary termination of her pregnancy. Sponsors of the UVVA today made their ideological goal abundantly clear: when given the opportunity to vote for a substitute bill that had virtually identical criminal penalties but recognized the pregnant woman, rather than the fetus, as the victim, they voted against the alternative. Violence against women certainly needs to be addressed, but this bill only undermines women’s health and reproductive freedoms.

Now — with reproductive rights threatened at every level of government and Roe v. Wade hanging by the barest of majorities on the Supreme Court — Kate Michelman is guiding the pro-choice movement through what may be its most perilous period in a generation. In addition to defending against those threats, Michelman continues to pursue her vision of a society that respects women's lives, health and freedom.

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