Some voters don't get entire ballot

11/04/08 Seán Kinane
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The ballot in Hillsborough County consists of two double-sided sheets of paper. But this morning, there were reports from at least five precincts that voters were only given the first of the two pages by poll workers. That’s the page with candidate races on it, including the race for president, but some voters did not receive the page with ballot referendum questions.

Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson says the problem has been fixed.

The West Tampa Convention Center on Columbus Drive is home to precincts 205 and 206. Meg Bailey came from Boston with the group Election Protection to monitor Florida’s vote.

“They didn’t realize the second sheet existed. For a couple of hours this morning, people were only filling out the first half of the ballot.”

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, Republican Buddy Johnson - who is being opposed by Democrat Phyllis Busansky - said that it was human error. The clerks had been property trained to know that the ballot consisted of two double-sided sheets. Johnson said the problem had been corrected and people who didn’t get to cast the second page of their ballot can fill out a provisional second page.

“We have decided … they may go back to the polling place if they like and vote that second page and place it on a provisional ballot.”

Johnson said safeguards are in place so that the provisional second page ballot will not be counted for people who have already voted both pages.

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