Haitan residents organize for Democracy In Haiti

11/12/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon,

Welcome to WMNF's Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today: we’ll hear how the jobs at a local auto plant are being shipped to Mexico. And we’ll also hear about an event this weekend organized by members of Tampa’s Haitian community to celebrate Haiti’s independence.

But first a listener comment about yesterday’s interview with Eugene Hairston, the Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD, who was homeless and who also had substance abuse problems. We heard the story of how he turned his life around.

This Sunday at Cuscaden Park in Tampa at 5 p.m., members of the Haitian community of Tampa will gather to celebrate the country’s independence. And here to talk about it are the organizers Daniel Thelusmar and Yves George.

In our next segment: Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm says the crisis in the auto industry is urgent, and the government needs to Act quickly to help U.S. automakers stay afloat.

Granholm told CBS' Early Show on Wednesday that the auto industry supports one in 10 U.S. jobs. If the industry fails, she says, "There would be a ripple effect throughout the nation." Michigan is the home of the domestic auto industry, which is suffering under the weight of poor sales, tight credit and a sputtering economy.

Granholm says the government decided to throw $700 billion into the rescue of the financial sector, and "we're just asking for a fraction of that."

Democratic aides say speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to seek legislation to provide relief to the battered auto industry, and wants it done in a post-election session of Congress likely to convene in the next few days.

Here in the bay area there are several companies that manufacture parts for automobiles. One of those is the Lear Corp., which has a factory on West Waters Avenue in Tampa which once employed 600 workers. Over the past several months those workers have been gradually laid off as the plant moves its operations to Mexico.

We’re joined now by Richard Neal who is the president of United Autoworker’s Union Local 2405 at the Lear plant.

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