Pinellas Democrats caucus in St. Petersburg

11/17/08 Jamie Kidder
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

The Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee met Saturday in St. Petersburg.

Along with former paid Obama field coordinators, the DEC laid out how it plans to put Democrats into office in Pinellas.

Speaking to a crowd which consisted mostly of Precinct Chairpersons and other local political figures gathered in the St. Petersburg Public Library, Obama field coordinator Ella Coffee started off by talking about why she feels that Pinellas County went blue in the Presidental elections.

When it came to the down-ballot races, the Democratic party did not do well at all in Pinellas County. Johnnie Bardeen, another Obama field organizer, spoke about what he picked up while working for the Obama campaign, and what lessons the Pinellas Democrats could use.

Randall Jones was a candidate for Pinellas County Sherrif, running against Republican incumbent Jim Coats. Coats ended up winning the election, and at the meeting, Jones spoke about his campaign.

Edwin Harris is a St. Petersburg resident, and not an official member of the Pinellas DEC. He attends the meetings to communicate with other Democrats and to stay involved with local politics. WMNF asked him about what he feels is the most important issue facing Pinellas Democrats.

To learn more about the Pinellas County DEC, visit Full disclosure: This reporter used to volunteer for the Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee.

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