Survey on women's views of the election published

12/03/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

As part of its nonpartisan Every Woman Counts campaign to engage women in the political process, Lifetime Networks today announced the results of a national poll of women on the historical presidential election and its impact on the future of female political leadership.

The poll found that two-thirds of all women polled said that President-elect Barack Obama should not consider gender at all when appointing his Cabinet and should focus just on qualifications, while 27 percent said he should try to appoint an equal number of women and men.

However, 71 percent support the nomination of Hillary Clinton to be the next Secretary of State, and a solid majority of 51 percent would prefer to be the top diplomat vs. commander in chief, with just 18 percent percent saying they wish she were president, and 18 percent saying neither.

The polling was done by Democratic pollster Celinda Lake and GOP Pollster Kellyanne Conway.

Obviously, gender played a big role in the past election, with the candidacies of Hillary Clinton, and later, Sarah Palin factors throughout the year. Pollster Kellyanne Conway said that people of all political stripes thought both women were subjected to unfair media criticism.

Only 4 percent of the 600 women surveyed thought the Alaskan governor received more positive coverage.

Asked to consider their preferred role for Michelle Obama in light of her recent statements that she would make being a wife and mother her first priority, 49 percent would like to see her get involved in a few issues, while 38 percent say she should focus on being a wife and mother. However, broken down by party line, 53 percent of Republican women want her to stay at home as a priority, compared to 41 percent of Independent women and just a quarter of Democratic aligned women.

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