Pinellas Legislative Delegation tackles agenda

12/03/08 Seán Kinane
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Because of Florida’s budget shortfall, Democratic Rep. Rick Kriseman has called on the state Legislature to increase the tax on cigarettes. Today Democratic Rep. Darryl Rouson went a step further and suggested that smoking paraphernalia sold in tobacco shops should also be taxed.

“The idea is, if you’re going to tax tobacco, tax cigarettes, then why not tax tobacco products such as these pipes that we all know are a charade? If the owners of these institutions are telling us that people are smoking tobacco out of them, but we know that they’re smoking other things out of them as a result of the arrest records and the prosecution records and all those kinds of things; then certainly we should tax it, too.”

Rouson made the suggestion at the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation’s meeting at USF St. Pete.

Jolene Bivens, regional director of the American Lung Association, requested that the delegation support a $1 per pack increase in the cigarette tax. Rouson asked if her group would also support a tax on smoking paraphernalia.

“Absolutely, we encourage anything that will discourage youth and other people from using tobacco products.”

There has been an attempt to re-brand the cigarette tax as a “user fee” to make it more politically palatable to anti-tax advocates.

Cheri Elliott, a 19-year volunteer with the American Cancer Society, told the Delegation her group’s top priority is for an increase in the cigarette tax by at least $1.

Republican Sen. Dennis Jones said he supports an increased cigarette tax, just not $1.

Jones is sponsoring a local bill that would allow Tierra Verde residents to vote before they are annexed by neighboring cities.

“Well, Tierra Verde is an island of its own; I mean it’s the only one in Pinellas County. And should this bill pass, what it would say in the future is if there’s an attempt for annexation, then there would be a vote by all the residents on Tierra Verde. If it was 50 percent or greater then it would be an annexation. If it was 50 percent or less, then it would be none. Very simple.”

Last month, St. Petersburg annexed a small portion of Tierra Verde. WMNF asked Jones how he thought that annexation would be affected by his bill. He suggested that the annexation will not withstand legal scrutiny.

“Well, most would say there probably is going to be a lot of litigation over that. There was never really ever any application even applied for – in my understanding – of DEP in submerged lands. I mean, I think that’s an invalid annexation. And then as you look at the overall picture, I think St. Petersburg is more concerned about building a new stadium [for the Rays] or relocating it, and why would they want to aggravate 5,000 residents?”

If the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation agrees to support this bill during its final reading on Jan. 9, the bill would then go to the Legislature where it would have to be passed and then signed by the governor in order to take effect.

Another local bill that the delegation heard on first reading Wednesday was one co-sponsored by Rep. Peter Nehr and Sen. Mike Fasano, both Republicans, that would allow the residents of Palm Harbor to vote on incorporation.

Several members of the public urged the Pinellas delegation to support the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Jones said he would.

Rouson would not commit to supporting the ERA.

Several people advocated for increased, or at least steady, funding for courts. That includes representatives from the St. Petersburg Bar Association, Gulfcoast Legal Services, and Judge Robert Morris, chief judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court.

Rouson said “it’s critical that we find ways of fully funding, through a dedicated funding source, or stable funding source, our third branch of government.”

Republican Representative Ed Hooper and Democratic Senator Arthenia Joyner were unanimously selected to be chair and vice-chair of the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation, respectively. The delegation will meet again on Jan. 9 for the second reading and vote on the local bills. The meeting will be at the St. Petersburg College Clearwater campus.

Pinellas County Legislative Delegation

WMNF coverage of cigarette tax increase

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The Equal Rights Amendment would include women as a class in the guarantee of equal protection of the law that US men receive as a constitutional birthright. Although my husband and I worked in Florida for passage of the ERA in 1980-81, I do not support the present initiative because its supporters have not confronted serious questions about simply rubber stamping the version of the ERA ratified by other states during the first campaign. Any changes to the earlier legislative history that failed to address 5 basic sex discrimination issues would properly be challenged, since it was the weaker ERA that was ratified by these states. On the other hand, all five issues have moved forward to varying degrees in the intervening years and it would not be acceptable to many to continue to ignore them in a renewed campaign as Florida advocates are attempting to do. The five issues that must be positively addressed in a creditable campaign are: 1) Inclusion of women in any requirement of compulsory military service, traditionally used as "benign discrimination" but in fact used as a pretext of denying women's right to equal protection of the law that the ERA is intended to secure. (Note: voluntary service is irrelevant to this issue.) 2) The tax status of public and private single sex schools which are currently being pushed again to enforce concepts of sex difference in defiance of Title IX. Under a strong ERA, such schools would be denied federal tax benefits in line with the Brown v Bd. of Education and Bob Jones Univ. decisions on race under the 14th Amendment. (see: ) 3) Use of sex-differentiated insurance pricing in auto, life, annuities, medical expense and disability insurance. (see: for a breakthrough analysis initially based on evidence from Florida legislative activity.) Another example of deceptive "benign discrimination" costly to women. 4) Legal barriers to access to abortion, a form of pregnancy discrimination that is a core sex discrimination issue. (see: for several papers on this subject, including a critique of Roe v Wade). 5) Failure to address discrimination based on sexual orientation as sex discrimination. In recent years, because this issue conspicuously includes discrimination against men, it has morphed into a men's rights issue. Advancing under a "Gay Rights" banner, advocates have largely abandoned the weak "right of privacy" arguments and now base their campaign on an equal protection claim. As with race, the equal protection claim has validity for men, limited protection for lesbian women, and no validity for women as a class, absent passage of an Equal Rights Amendment that fully acknowledges it. Twiss Butler Alexandria, VA