Former WMNF Station Manager Vicki Santa passes away

12/09/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Vicki Santa, the Station Manager at WMNF for the past 8 years until earlier this year, passed away this morning at St. Joseph’s hospital in Tampa.

She had been in poor health for the last couple of years, and developments this year led her to leave the station in June. She had contracted pneumonia and was suffering from renal failure in recent weeks. She was 56 years old.

Santa originally began her career at the radio station in the 1980’s as a volunteer, and then was hired as Development Director in 1998. Then in 2000, she was selected to become the Station Manage, replacing Jean Palmquist.

In that role, Vicki Santa led the drive to get a new building for the station. That new building came to fruition in February of 2005.

Ginny Berson is the Vice President and Director of Federation Services of Community Broadcasters based in Oakland. She says Santa was deeply respected in the community radio world in the U.S.(roll tape#1 o.q.”always community”)

Randy Wynne has been the Program Director at WMNF since 1985. He recalls when he first encountered Vicki as a volunteer back in the 1980’s (roll tape#2 o.q.”a giving spirit”)

In an article written about Vicki Santa earlier this year, she told reporter Din Clarke,”

"Managing this radio station was the best job I ever had. I am not particularly a programmer or a technical person but I have honed administrative skills in the business world for many years before coming to the station, and to be able to advance the mission of the station was just the best possible position I could have put myself in. I loved every minute of the work that I did for the station. "

Vicki Santa, the former station manage from 2000 to 2008, has died at the age of 56.

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communications, Children's Board of Hillsborough C

In my public relations days at the University of South Florida, one of the pleasures of my job was working with Vicki Santa. She was both professional and had a friendly style that both immediately put you at ease and let you know you could trust her to make a promise and see it through. It's a rare quality, but Vicki had that gift. She will be truly missed in the community as well as at WMNF.


I was so sad to hear about Vicky. I volunteered with Vicky for WMNF during phone drives, the GD Hour, Tropical Heatwave...long before she became station manager, we had tons of fun decorating the Cuban Club for the Heat Wave and looked forward to every year. Vicky was one of the best people to work with, nurturing and always had a knack for finding special talents in people. She was someone I looked up to. I no longer live in Florida but whenever I volunteer for work anywhere I always think "What would Vicky have done" My belated but heart felt sympathies go to the station and all of her loved ones.