Marriage-Equality Group Plans Protest At Governor's Wedding

12/11/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up in a moment- the governor is getting married tomorrow in St. Petersburg and there will be a demonstration by groups that are angry that the Governor recently supported Amendment Two to Florida’s constitution which bans gay marriage here in Florida.

But first- three listener comments about yesterday’s program which featured a spokesperson for the National Association Of Broadcasters and three local broadcast engineers who were offering advice about the upcoming transition from analog to digital television. Here’s what some listeners had to say after the program.

A new groups seeking “marriage equality for all”---called Impact-Florida is planning to hold a demonstration outside the First United Methodist Church of Saint Petersburg while Governor Charlie Crist marries his fiancé Carol Rome tomorrow evening at the First United Methodist Church in downtown St. Petersburg tomorrow night.

Following the ceremony, the demonstrators plan to continue their vigil outside the wedding reception at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort.

We discussed the issue with two of the organizers of tomorrow night’s demonstration: Lorna Bracewell who is a local singer songwriter and Yasmin Jones. Both are with Impact-Florida.

Impact Florida

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good show

I listened to yesterday's show in the car. I need to disclose that I am an active member of ImpACT Florida, went to the same law school as the governor-- and therefore took the same Constitutional and Civil Rights classes as he did, and appeared with Rob Lorei years ago on a regular, TV show. What I thought was interesting about yesterday's show was that there was no, good way to defend Amendment 2, which is clearly a civil rights outrage. Amendment 2 ignores reality, hurts people and their families and their children, and for the time being kills hope that we had eveloved past such prejudices and idiocies. I agree with your guest Yasmin that if we had left civil rights to a vote, we would still have seperate bathrooms and water fountains (I am old enough to remember these at Webb City), seperate but equal schools (I went to Gibbs, which was a disgrace until nice, white kids got bused in), etc. Tomorrows demonstration at the governor's wedding is not the end, but just the beginging. He should be ashamed of his support of Amendment 2. As far as tomorrow's demonstration eing "tacky," there is never a good, polite time to sit in the back of the bus, refuse to leave a whites-only lunch counter, etc. Finally, you have to wonder what would motivate so many decent, hard, working, middle-class Americans to be so angry and to take to the streets. They are not used to having a yahoo, state government clearly tell them that they are all second-class citizens. I predict a lot more ACTions are yet to come.

I don't think anyone is getting the joke. The reason they are protesting is because good ol Charlie is in the closet. This marrage is a sham. Just like his first marrage. His ex wife lives with her female partner in California.

Inequality hurts all Americans

Yeah don't forget he is from this area so people have seen him making out with guys at parties. Which you know what who cares? What is REALLY sad is that he felt like he HAD to get married to be a REPUBLICAN to save his career. The real issue here is homophobia period. Due to this he felt he had to support Amendment 2 and all the religious fanatical people because they use "the Gay card" to ruin peoples political career. There is much more going on here and everyone knows it. This discrimination and segregation of gays is pushed by fear and hate. You should have heard the Christian guy preaching death and damnation at our peaceful, very sad event for us. Any real patriotic American needs to take a look at all the hate in their country and each individual should be outraged that a popular vote takes rights away from their citizens. Even the religious fanatical who birthed this bill out of their theocracy should fear that one day religious people's rights could be taken away but they can't see past their selfish, ignorant, myopic, judgmental ways while they preach hate and have destroyed good people's chances of JUST HAVING THE SAME CHANCE AS THEM. SO SAD THAT SANER, LOGICAL PEOPLE DON'T SEE HOW DANGEROUS THIS LACK OFF SEPARATION FROM CHURCH AND STATE IS. I grieve for my country's blind eye. How do you think it started building this type of hate in an experience like the holocaust? WAKE UP AMERICA IT IS NOT OKAY TO TAKE RIGHTS AWAY FROM YOUR CITIZENS.