This afternoon, Florida’s Attorney general, Charlie Crist spoke at the Yacht club, telling citizens about what the attorney general does, and describing a few of his goals since taking office in November of 2002. One of the clubs attendees asked Crist what he thought of the legislature’s attempt to make it harder for citizens to pass a constitutional amendment. Crist said he is not in support of the plan, because it will take away citizens rights to change the law. But he is in support of having the costs to the state associated with a proposed amendment be calculated and made public, so that voters know whether the state can afford to make the change before they vote for it. Another person asked the attorney general what he thought of governor Bushs proposal to offer drivers licenses to illegal immigrants living in Florida. Crist responded that he hadn’t read the proposal, but he trusts governor Bush to do his homework, so he thinks it’s probably a good plan.

WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer spoke with Crist about some of the other issues he’s addressing as attorney general, including the attorney generals’ recent meetings with oil company executives, where he questioned them as to why gasoline prices are so high..


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