Efest brings environmentally friendly together

11/24/08 Colleen Krepstekies and Andrea Lypka
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Alex Conger from Fuel Flex International with the gas conversion kit for cars.These kits “make” the cars smart because the car can use both regular gas and biodiesel at a much energy efficient way.

photo by Andrea Lypka

Efest, the Green Living Music and Arts Festival took place at the Sarasota Polo Grounds in Lakewood Ranch green community in Nov. 15-16.

The free annual event is the largest environmental festival in the Gulf Coast region, uniting private sector, non-governmental and governmental institutions that are concerned about the environment. It showcased Green-N- Healthy Expo with 175 exhibitors and green panel discussions about eco-friendly building trends, green technologies and alternative energy sources.

The purpose of the festival was to create a positive change in the people; to raise eco-consciousness and to help green communities in Florida grow. The community affair also featured the Children Eco Village with many learning possibilities for children and the Trash to Treasures Eco-Art Contest featured art made from recycled materials, along with music, high wire acts, organic food and eco-fashion show.

The eFest not only preached green but worked green: the generators were powered by bio-fuel from BioDiesel2Go, the banners were made from recycled materials by LexJet. Moreover, the money raised at Efest will be used to develop locally managed carbon-offsetting programs/carbon footprint reducing programs.

Because of today’s energy-dependence and environmental concerns, the festival is well-timed. The event demonstrated that by involving the private business, the governmental and non-governmental sectors in green projects, the whole community can make a positive impact on the environment.

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