American Jewish Committee reacts to Israel attacks on Gaza

12/29/08 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

After Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip began on Saturday, several Jewish organizations expressed their support. One of those is the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The attacks have killed more than 300 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,400. Two Israelis have died in attacks from home-made rockets coming from the coastal territory of the Gaza Strip.

This afternoon, WMNF spoke with Brian Lipton, executive director of the AJC’s West Coast Florida chapter.

“This is a very serious situation and one that we certainly hope will be resolved quickly and peacefully.”

But not all Jewish groups share the AJC’s support of the airstrikes. In an email, Jewish Voice for Peace wrote: “This is the most violent and heartbreaking situation that has happened to the Palestinians in recent history, and it must stop. In addition to calling for protests at Israeli consulates and federal buildings, as well as letters to the U.S. and Israeli governments, Jewish Voice for Peace staff and members are already putting together an aggressive campaign focused on Gaza. And, without a moment to waste, we call for an immediate end to attacks on all civilians.”

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Peace or Bread & Butter

Only way to bring peace around the world is to restrict production of small or large weapons. Poor & innocent organization like Lockheed Martin, Halliburton needs wars and conflicts for their bread & butter. Why don’t we talk, identify and go after those who produce, market ARMS & WMD for the destruction of human being by using tax payers money and government support., in this economical crises when the administration refuses to fund Health Care, education, social services even health services to those who put their life for their country. At the same time funding of WMD production is open and available even if have to borrow. Is this a message or teachings of Jesus the Messiah, Greatest Healer? Are these Christian values to support & fund WMD, ARMS, Violence, Destruction and deny basic rights of Health, Education, Social Services. None of the journalists ever asked this question, “Why on earth we did not go after producer, manufacturer and marketer of WMD at the time when we were forceful to go after buyer of those WMD. Conflict like Israel v/s Palestine, India v/s Pakistan, Rwanda are the Hens those lay Golden eggs for them the War Lords. THEY Will BE STUPID IF THEY KILL THESE HENS BY RESOLVING THESE ISSUES. All rulers including Arabs, Israelis are partner in this venture of arm production, marketing and distribution. Soonest they realize that Gulf/Iraq war is going to be ended they duel their old mines by igniting India/Pakistan tension and Israel Philistine issue. Over 90% of all religious/ethnic groups including Jews, Muslims, Christians are suffering and are in no favor of war. But with the helping of religious pundits these war lords exploiting and waging war or war like situation. We must understand and help the masses to identify our common enemy who is exploiting our believes, creating gulf instead of bridge for their own sake. 2006 attack on Lebanon was another proof of dumping ammunition, expired bombs to create demand of more buying from those Death Brokers. In short all Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus are being fooled by smartest Dicks like Cheney on daily basis.