Israeli action In Gaza; how to recycle old electronics

12/30/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon,

Welcome to WMNF ‘s Radioactivity program. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up: we’ll have a debate over the Israeli bombing of Gaza. And we’ll talk about ways to safely dispose of your used electronic items such as computers and televisions. But first, a listener comment about Israel’s attack on Gaza, which began this past weekend.

First up today: with the conversion to digital television and the Christmas holiday, many people are getting rid of old televisions and computers. These electronic items are filled with heavy metals and should not be thrown in the trash or Dumpsters because they might be incinerated or thrown in a landfill where the heavy metals could leak or be burned and released into the atmosphere.

All the counties in the WMNF listening area have programs to recycle your used electronic items.

For more information, call (813) 272-5680 in Hillsborough, (941) 493-4100 in Sarasota or (727) 464-7500 in Pinellas.

Next up, the bombing in Gaza. From Associated Press: There's word that Israel is considering suspending its Gaza air strikes to give Hamas militants a chance to halt their rocket attacks. An Israeli defense official says, however, that there remains the threat of an Israeli ground offensive if a cease-fire does not hold. Israeli officials say Palestinian militants have fired off more than 250 rockets and mortars since the Israeli offensive began Saturday. During that time, more than 370 people have been killed. Gaza residents are reporting food shortages in some areas. Officials say Israel has let some aid through its crossings with Gaza, despite the military offensive. One hundred trucks were allowed in today. Jordan, the Red Cross and the world health organization are also Preparing to send medical supplies, AP reports.

We’re joined now by two people to debate the Israeli military move against Hamas: Ben Cohen is an associate director of communications for the American Jewish Committee in New York, and Ahmed Bedier is the host of the True Talk program here on WMNF and is former executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter in Tampa.

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