Women's Show - MEDEA


Stageworks Theatre Company presents a three-week, limited engagement of "Medea," the famous Greek tragedy by Euripides, at the Shimberg Playhouse of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, April 16 - May 2, 2004.

The classic play features a multi-cultural cast of actors from throughout the Tampa Bay area. Audiences will enjoy the same adaptation by Frederic Raphael and Kenneth McLeish that was applauded in London and New York and starred Fiona Shaw in the lead role.

The plot focuses on Medea, the Colchian princess possessed of magical powers, who has murdered her brother and helped steal the Golden Fleece from her father to be with Jason, the man she loves. Medea marries Jason, accompanies him to Corinth and bears him two sons. When Kreon, King of Corinth, asks Jason to marry his daughter, Glauke, the stage is set for crimes of passion that surpass today's violent headlines.

Stageworks' "Medea" cast features: Dawn Truax as Medea; Eric Davis as Jason; Rosemary Orlando as the nurse; Petrus Antonius as Kreon; Bill Carey as Aegeus; and Richard Coppinger as The Tutor. Directing is Stageworks' Producing Director, Anna Brennen.

Dawn Truax and Rosemary Orlando appear on the Women's Show

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