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01/26/09 Concetta DeLuco
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At the 1st Annual Book Fair Blitz in St. Petersburg, local authors gathered on Sunday to sell their books and donate a portion of their proceeds to the Florida Literacy Coalition. The book fair drew a revolving crowd of visitors who came to browse the variety of books being sold and chat with the authors.

Theresa Murrow is the founder of Key Business Partners, an online promotion company for writers, and a partner in organizing the book fair. Murrow said, each of the authors will be donating a dollar from the sale of each of their books, as well as a book for the Florida Literacy Coalition’s Library. Murrow said she hopes to raise at least $200 for the coalition.

The Florida Literacy Coalition provides programs throughout Florida, advocating literacy in adults and children.

Ester Venouziou, is the founder of and co-partner in organizing the event. Her website is dedicated to promoting local, independent businesses. Venouziou said the book fair is not only another way to bring the community together and support local authors, but to raise awareness of the importance of reading.

According to the most recent National Assessment of Adult Literacy, more than 30 million adults have subpar literacy skills and about 63 million have only basic reading abilities. The study showed a positive relationship between the number of adults who cannot read and those who are living in poverty.

Lea Dallaire, founder of 911 Editing, an editing and resume service, said the book fair allows very talented, local authors to get exposure. Using the proceeds to support adult literacy, Dallaire said, is important because it is an issue that does not get a lot of attention.

Deborah Sue Kleinberger is the author of magical mystery adventures for middle-school-aged children. She said reading is important for people of all ages, but especially for children.

Gloria Tesch is 14 years old and claims the title as “the world’s youngest published novelist.” She was at the Book Fair Blitz promoting the sale of her book, Maradonia and the Seven Bridges, the first in a growing series. Tesch said that she learned to love reading from a young age and it was what inspired her to write her novel.

The Florida Literacy Coalition offers more than 300 adult education and literacy providers throughout Florida. For more information on where these services are provided, visit

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Thanks, Concetta and WMNF, for your continued support of local charities and local businesses! -- Ester

"A Stopped Watch", "A Clock Ticked"

The two stories written by Debra S. Kleinberger are "A Stopped Watch" and "A Clock Ticked". Literacy is important in all aspects of life. With reading we can connect to life or escape from it. Pick up a book and read; you never know where the adventure will take you.

Maradonia and the Seven Bridges: Gloria Tesch

Both of Gloria’s novels exceed more than 300,000 words. A mainstream novel starts between fifty to fifty-five thousand words and publishers call basically every script under that length a short story or a novella. The fact is: Nobody in the world has ever produced over 1,600 pages of exciting and throat gripping adventure in the form of two published novels with the age of 14 years. Gloria is able with such a young age to straddle between the world of page-turning surreal adventure and the world of page-turning mainstream adventure and connects the ordinary, natural world with the supernatural world with unexpected twists and with absolutely surprising results. Her second novel, "Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir" realease date: August of 2009