Huge difference in stimulus bills would hurt Florida schools

02/11/09 Mitch E. Perry
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According to the website ProPublica, Florida's public school districts would miss out on nearly $650 million in construction money, if the final stimulus bill resembles the Senate’s version more than the House version.

Hillsborough County schools would lose nearly $49 million, Pinellas more than $28 million, Pasco more than $12 million, and Sarasota more than $5 million.

Randall Moody is the chief lobbyist for the National Education Association based in Washington. He says the Collins-Nelson amendment, which severely cuts education spending in the Senate bill, is not the way to go.

Among those cuts in the Senate bill is $7.5 billion in funding for “state incentive grants” to help states make progress toward NCLB goals, $19.5 billion in construction aide for schools and colleges, and a reduction in money for Head Start early education by $1 billion.

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