Is radical Islam the dominant force in the religion?

02/19/09 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. In a moment- a debate about whether a radical, fanatic brand of Islam is taking over mainstream Islam and the billion people around the world who hold that religious belief.

But first: we’re still getting comments about Tuesday’s debate on the Employee Free Choice Act. And we had several calls yesterday about the interview with Aaron Glantz and his new book, The War Comes Home, about the government’s mistreatment of veterans as they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last night, the American Jewish Committee sponsored a talk by Dr. Tawfik Hamid. He's a self-described Islamic thinker, reformer and former member of a terrorist organization. he warns that hatred and violence have metasticized within his religion, according to the press release from the AJC. His views have been challenged by many mainstream Muslim groups which say his comments are inflammatory and lack credibility.

Dr. Hamid debated the issue today with Ahmed Bedier, co-host of WMNF's TRUE TALK program who took issue with Dr. Hamid's position.

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so-called "debate" of 19DEC09

Hi Rob, It is Thursday, and normally I enjoy your show very much, it is informative in many ways, and I enjoy hearing what other people have to say about whatever issue is being discussed. However, today's "debate" between your guests was anything but a debate, it was more like a free-for-all fistfight. I think you might have done a better job of controlling things, Rob, after all, it is your show. But, then again, one of your guests was the highly arrogant and absolutely rude Ahmed Bedier. He doesn't seem to be able to listen and respond, his idea of debating is to constantly attack the other guest, or in his estimation, opponent, whose name I cannot unfortunately) recall. The man may be a Muslim "superstar" in the Tampa Bay area, but I am not in the least impressed. He is bigoted, anti-Semitic ( as is his co-host on "True Talk"), constantly interrupts Sumar and whatever guests he may have on his program, frequently shows up late for the show, this man is a total poser and poster child for all that is wrong in relations between Muslim and non-Muslim elements in the area. I became disenchanted with the so-called "discussion" and changed to a music channel about 10 minutes into your program. Sorry, Rob. I will be listening to your program daily, as I have for quite some time, but such as today I cannot listen to. Sincerely, Greg Plant City

Ahmed, attack dog

Hi; I tried to listen to the debate between two Muslims, but gave up after tiring of Ahmed's continual personal attacks on the good doctor. I fuully agree with other listeners that Ahmed is nothing more than a P.R. machine for radical Islam. How his clearly religious program fit's in WMNF's 'Public' Affairs block, beats me. As a person with no particuar sympathy for either Israel or the Palestinians, I find myself continually turned off by Ahmed's prejudice towards all things Muslim. I don't think I'm the only WMNF supporter that can't stomach his propaganda. While I like the fact that WMNF gives voice to a wide variety of opinions and voices, I don't feel that the ill named 'True' Talk should have a place in the Public Affairs block. Please move this show to another time, outside the P.A. block, regardless of it's fund raising ability, an aspect of the show and it's relationship with WMNF management not many listeners are aware of. Luke