Health care advocates support president's call for reform

02/23/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Among the issues that President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak about in his message to Congress tomorrow night will be dealing with the health care crisis in the country.

Today health care advocates in Florida hosted a conference call urging citizens to stand behind the president’s aims to reform the system.

Richard Kirsch is the national campaign manager for Health Care for America Now, which released a report today on how it believes the economy can’t re-booted until the health care system is repaired.

In 2005, then-Gov. Jeb Bush promised that his plan to overhaul Medicaid would provide more choices, better service and cost savings. But according to the Palm Beach Post, just the opposite has happened.

The Post based its opinion on a recent investigation by the Associated Press, which showed that nearly 1,000 doctors providing care in the two largest counties in the program, Broward and Duval, have quit because they can't treat patients effectively.

But despite the dramatic drop in primary care providers, state officials remain satisfied with the program.

Scott Randolph is a Democrat representing Orlando in the State House. He’s skeptical that the program should be increased as some in the state are urging.

Kirsch says the public must remain engaged in this national discussion about health care, because he says the insurance companies will do all they can to stifle meaningful changes in the system.

For more information about Health Care for America Now, go to the website

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