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Last night Howard Dean supporters staged flash mobs around the country. On three street corners in Pinellas County, Dean supporters held signs proclaiming Howard Dean as the one to vote for in the next presidential election. WMNF’s Kim Farley reports.

The event was termed “End the Stupor Tuesday.� Tom Lally, chairman for the Pinellas for Dean steering committee explains the purpose for the event. (SB 1, OQ …make a change in the United States)

Supporters stood at three intersections around Pinellas County holding signs and encouraging drivers to honk their horns in support. They did so without permits because they felt since they were standing on public property and not blocking traffic there was no need for one.

Polls have shown that two-thirds of registered democrats cannot name one presidential candidate. The organizers of the flash mob, so named for the flashing of signs, hoped people would take notice and become inspired to find out more about Howard Dean.

Dean is currently one of the frontrunners for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. He has been credited for using the internet to excite people to campaign for him. For the last year, monthly meet-ups have been organized to gather supporters together to plan rallies or to write letters encouraging voters to vote for Dean in the upcoming primaries. Dean supporter Marge Pees (SB 3, OQ …that’s the main thing)

Carrie Wadlinger, host of a meet up in North Pinellas explains why it is so important to have a Dean presence in that area. (SB OQ…get ready!)

The flash mob lasted about an hour and illicited many honks of the horns, and a few disparing remarks. (SB, OQ …but, hey.)

Tonight is the night for the monthly Dean meet-up. To learn more and find locations, go to

For WMNF News, I’m Kimberley Farley

Howard Dean meet-ups are being held tonight. To find out where and when, go to the website and type in your zipcode.

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