Many election poll watchers have said that Whichever Presidential candidate wins Florida will win the election. Some go further than that, saying that Florida itself will come down to the I-4 corridor stretching from Tampa to Palm beach, and beyond that, it may come down to how the Hispanic population is this area votes. With that in mind, a new campaign was launched today to register 50,000 new Hispanic voters. George Murselli is leading the campaign.

ACT “more than 300 thousand unregistered voters…�

The Mi Familia vota campaign is geared towards registering Hispanic voters in 7 counties—Hillsborough, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Miami-dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Sergio Bendixen was part of a group that conducted a new poll of 600 unregistered Hispanic voters.

ACT “the election coming up may be the most important since…the county is divided, an additional 50 thousand voters.�

As for how to reach these voters, the Mi Familia Vota campaign will use the results of the poll. Which found that 80 percent of them prefer to speak Spanish, and most of them come from South America, followed by Cuba, Mexico and Central America. In the Tampa area, the largest group of unregistered voters are from Mexico, the second largest group is American born

Sergio Bendixen was part of a group that conducted the poll. ACT “We think there’s 40 thousand unregistered…in Hillsborough…�

The poll also found that the Hispanics surveyed were homeowners and churchgoers, who were in favor of more funding for public schools and they also support increasing the minimum wage. The survey found that 65 percent of unregistered Hispanics said they don’t know how to register to vote, and would like someone to come to their house to help them understand the process. With that in mind, the Mi Familia Vota will go to people’s homes and community gathering places to register people.

As to how to reach the voters, the survey found that most of them watch Spanish language TV, listen to the radio, but most do not read any newspapers. Most have cable TV, and 61 percent have Internet access.

Also attending the press conference at Leto High School was Frank Sanchez

ACT “If our communicate is to realize our potential, we have to begin by using our voice at the voting booth�

After the press conference, several Hispanic students who had been in the gym gave their perspective on whether voting is important for their friends and family.

Anthony is from Venezuela ACT “..Yes my parents think it’s important…

Uris and Jessica are from Belize and Cuba ACT

The Mi Familia Vota campaign is working with MTV’s choose or lose and the Rock the Vote campaign. For more information about Mi Familia Vota, go to the People for the American way website; pfaw.org

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