This morning the Donkeys Rock Tour visited the USF campus.

The Donkeys Rock Tour is not some hot new band you haven’t heard of. Instead, it’s part of an effort to energize young democrats and to get students registered to vote. Within two weeks the Florida Democratic Party will have visited all eleven public universities as well as community and smaller college campuses. Scott Maddox, chairman of the FDP, explains why this effort is so important. (SB 1, OQ …and donkeys rock)

The tour not only registers voters, but also allows students to talk to a range of people, including the head of the FDP, Scott Maddox, staff members of the state party, and local officials. This morning, additional elite members of the Democratic Party included; Tampa Representative Arthenia Joyner, and Hadassah Lieberman, wife of Presidential hopeful, Joe Lieberman.

Joyner comments on how the tour is doing. (SB 7, OQ …in this country) She also went on to comment on the importance of young people getting involved in the voting process. (SB 8, OQ …in government)

Al Gore and Joe Lieberman probably know more than most politicians how every vote counts. Mrs. Lieberman referenced this in commenting on why she was there. (SB 3, OQ …particularly our young) Lieberman went on to say that she wasn’t sure young people were focused on the political process considering the stress they deal with from school and life, but that they need to be because, (SB 4, OQ …in this country.)

Luring students with free pizza and soda while playing hip CD’s, the FDP asked passing students whether they were registered to vote. Many of those not registered were shuffled over to the table to fill out the registration forms and absentee request forms to make the voting experience easier. Some students who were registered took advantage of the absentee forms, and some just took advantage of the free food.

Cara Sullivan was one of the students who registered today. A class she is taking spurred her on to register and she took advantage of the voter registration table. When asked if her friends were also registered to vote, she had this to say. (SB 5, OQ …my parents opinions). Sullivan went on to say that she would have registered later on the semester, but was glad the FDP had a table set-up to make it convenient.

Tomorrow the tour will continue on to Florida Gulf Coast University. In the week since beginning this tour, over 1,000 students have been registered to vote.

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