SACE will lobby Legislators for clean renewable energy

03/13/09 Seán Kinane
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During this session, the Florida Legislature is likely to mandate that electricity companies generate a portion of their energy using renewable sources. But there is an effort to alter the Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS, to replace the word “renewable,” which does not apply to nuclear power, to the word “clean” which some advocates say does include nuclear power.

Next week, environmental groups, led by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, will lobby legislators in Tallahassee to keep nuclear energy out of the RPS.

Yesterday, WMNF spoke with Nick Algee, who is with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and a Florida Organizer with 1Sky: “We are going to be helping citizens lobby Tallahassee. So essentially it’s a citizen lobby day [advocating for] clean energy and protecting Florida’s renewable energy future.”

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

SACE lobby day

Florida Public Service Commission - Renewable Portfolio Standard

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* Announcement and invitation to participate in Tallahassee events March 16th and 17th * Postcards and letter writing: help us to carry voices to Tallahassee who can not physically make it * Links for more information JOIN US IN TALLAHASSEE *Energy Round Table March 16th* You’re invited to an “energy roundtable” hosted by SACE and partners on the evening of Monday, March 16th. It will be held live in Tallahassee at Tallahassee Community College's Capital Center (300 W. Pensacola Street - Lower Level of the Brogan Museum; ROOM 111). For more information on the energy roundtable, visit the links below. *Citizen Lobby Day in Tallahassee March 17th* Please join us for a citizen action “lobby day” on Tuesday, March 17th in Tallahassee. SACE and partners will provide a lobbying training and a meal on Tuesday. If you need assistance with traveling expenses to Tallahassee, we are working to secure funds. For more information, visit the links below. Please pick up the phone TODAY and call 5 people about these important events. SEND A STRONG MESSAGE TO TALLAHASSEE TO PROTECT FLORIDA'S RENEWABLE ENERGY FUTURE *Send a postcard to your Florida Senator and Florida Congressional Member* If you are going to see people this weekend, going to events big or small, going to church, etc. HELP GET SOME POSTCARDS FILLED OUT!!! These postcards are a great way to carry a voice to Tallahassee for those who can not make the trip. If you have a collection of post cards that need to find a ride up to Tallahassee, please email or call Nick Algee: 321.217.7747 or by Sunday 3/15. Attached is a template for printing post cards. There are 2 postcards, both with similar language. Print 2 copies, then feed each copy into a copier 2 make a double sided single copy. If you position the paper right, you should end up with 4 postcards per 1 double sides sheet. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ask each person to fill out 2 postcards, one for their FL State Rep, one for their FL State Senator. If they do not know who their representatives are we can fill the top line out. When getting these filled out, please stress the importance to get the full address AND ZIP CODE of the concerned citizen. This will enable us to deliver these to the appropriate Senator and Representative. Also, encourage people to write a personal note on the blank space. * E-mail or call Governor Crist* E-mail or call Governor Crist, ( ) (850) 488-7146, and ask him to stand up to utility lobbyists that are trying to undermine the RPS intended to reach his target of 20% renewables by 2020. Your outreach to the Governor will make a difference! For talking points, go to: * Reach out to FL Congressional Leaders * Contact the following legislative leaders. They sit on key committees that will have significant influence over the RPS – it’s important that they hear from you that nuclear power has no place in a policy intended to promote renewable energy! Senator Lee Constantine (Orlando) Email:; Telephone: (850) 487-5050 Senator Jim King (Jacksonville) Email: Telephone: (850) 487-5030 Representative Paige Kreegel (Punta Gorda) Email: Telephone: (850) 488-9175 Rep. Debbie Mayfield (Vero Beach) Email: Telephone: (850) 488-0952 LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION * General information and update on * We have lots of information and updates on this quickly advancing issue, Check this link for a broad sweep of information: (Copy and Paste) This two links have great background info and talking points: * REAL: Check out more facts from the Florida Renewable Energy Alliance (REAL) * REAL is a network of renewable energy companies and clean energy advocated working together to push for adoption of strong state energy rules that will establish a robust renewable energy market in Florida. * GET INVOLVED - JOIN THE FLORIDA CLIMATE ALLIANCE * SACE also spreads the word about the need for action on the state clean energy rule through the Florida Climate Alliance , an online networking group for Florida climate activists and concerned citizens. Check this website often for opportunities to become involved!