Obama canvass takes place in South Tampa

03/23/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Following appearances on The Tonight Show and 60 Minutes in recent days, President Barack Obama will address the American public tomorrow night in prime time in his second scheduled news conference.

Obama’s mission on achieving some of his major goals took a hit last week – first with the outrage over bonuses given to executives at A.I.G., followed by the Congressional Budget Office announcing on Friday that the president’s budget could create record deficits in the years to come. That led to criticism from New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg yesterday.

But the president has many allies across the country, and they attempted to get his message out this weekend. That’s when the President’s Organizing for America made its first big foray.

The organization, housed inside the Democratic National Committee, is nearly 14 million members strong. Over the weekend, many of those members launched a nationwide canvassing event across the country.

One such meeting was held in South Tampa early Saturday morning, where a dozen people gathered to discuss strategy and get people to sign on to supporting the president’s ambitious budget plan.

Deborah Schlact was the hostess of the Pledge/Canvass Drive.

Conor Davis from St. Petersburg said part of Saturday’s outreach was to let people know that the group exists.

As the Organizing for America supporters prepared to hit the streets, Jane Gibbons acknowledged the severe news of the past week, and spoke to her colleagues on how they needed to be prepared to discuss those issues with citizens.

As another way to boost Wall Street, citizen Norma Bean said she was going to give her grandchildren $100 a piece, and tell them to buy stock – an idea she said she’d like to promote further.

As he prepared to go canvass at some of the same places he went last fall in distributing literature and spreading the word about Barack Obama, Conor Davis said he was ready to debate with critics about the president’s spending plans as well.

To get more information about Organizing for America, go to BarackObama.com.

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Obamanators on WMNF!!!

Great story! You can also get more information about Organizing for America and the Obamanators at Obamanatorsofa@facebook.com. Remember, the campaign was just the beginning! We need to make our voices heard in Washington, to make President Obama's agenda a reality.