Sarasota Film Festival wraps up

04/04/09 Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View

Samantha Buck, the director of 21 Below, talks about her film which captures the “real life” of a family in crisis. Jenny McGuire and Sophia Raab, producers, also participate in the discussion.

Ry Russo-Young is director of You Won’t Miss Me, the story of a struggling actress who is being released from a psychiatric care facility.

Kristin Isaacson, “Over the Hills and Far Away”, When Rowan Isaacson was diagnosed with autism at an early age, his parents sought answers for how to meet their son’s special needs. As Rowan began to show a deep calm in the presence of the family’s horse, the Isaacsons decided to take a unique adventure to the wide open spaces of Mongolia, a place where horses and healing might provide comfort.

So Yong Kim, director, “Treeless Mountain”, the story of two young sisters in Korea looking for the love and care they deserve.

Films will be shown at the Hollywood 20 in Sarasota. Visit the website for further descriptions and schedules.

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