Tampa unveils new recycling containers for pedestrians in downtown

04/22/09 Seán Kinane
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The City of Tampa has unveiled new bins for recycling on pedestrian corridors throughout downtown and the Channel District.

This morning in downtown’s Lykes Gaslight Square Park, the Mayor and others used the backdrop of Earth Day to introduce the bins to the community.

Christine Burdick is president of the Tampa Downtown Partnership. “You might think that trash isn’t an exciting thing,” she said.

There will initially be 20 bins placed throughout the area, especially places with a lot of foot traffic like the port, according to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio.

“Tampa already has curbside recycling. … There was not an opportunity for our residents and our visitors, and our downtown workers to place that plastic or that aluminum in a separate container.”

Tonja Brickhouse, the director of the city’s Department of Solid Waste and Environmental Program Management, describes what the bins look like and what types of recyclables can be placed in them.

“Plastic bottles, cans, anything that can be put in a blue-box [curbside] recycling bin … can be put into these green receptacles.”

The green recycling bins look very similar to normal black garbage bins but Brickhouse insists there is not much concern about people mistakenly using them for trash.

“We call that ‘contamination,’” Brickhouse said.

Items in the bins will be collected by the Tampa Downtown Partnership’s Clean Team and brought to a location to be picked up by the city’s Solid Waste Department. Funding for the recycling program is through the Downtown and Channel District Community Redevelopment Areas.

Tampa Downtown Partnership

Tampa’s Department of Solid Waste

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