Mothers Against Drunk Driving plan fundraiser this Saturday

05/12/09 Robert Lorei
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This Saturday morning the local chapter of MADD will hold a fundraser at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. Here to talk about the fundraiser and efforts to stop drunk driving are Don Murray, Florida director of MADD, and Jennnifer Alban, the group's Florida Development Director.

For more information, visit or call (813) 935-2676.

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Uneasy About MADD's Ways

I found myself feeling very uneasy in listening to the representatives from MADD yesterday on your program. While their cause is noble, and their concerns about saving lives is commendable, I found their message both intimidating and threatening. It has become a dilemma for me. The gentleman and lady seemed to both pull on the guilt strings of listeners, and the gentleman's example of a baby being cut in half in West Palm Beach from a drunk driver I found gruesome, offensive and bordered on fear-mongering, and an appeal to collective guilt and communal pressure. On the otherhand, we are a society that finds that if we take more than one drink at a social gathering, we are putting our reputation, our freedoms, and even possibly our livelihood at stake also. Should we be ticketed, arrested, fined or thrown in jail because our blood alcohol was over some rigidly defined, unfair measurement of what our society labels as "drunkenness." It seems to be a no-win situation. The MADD people remind me of the PETA people or the anti-abortion people who are obsessive to a fault. Again, while the cause is noble, the methods and conditions to achieve them smack of police-state tactics, also affecting our lives and our freedoms as well. I for one, urge you, Rob, to discuss this matter further on one of your programs. I felt your interview with MADD was safe and soft, and not engaging enough. Thanks, Rob Brian Brian P. Moore Spring Hill, Florida [Hernando County] Tel: 352-686-9936