Last night, Chief Justice Roy S. Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court, spoke at the Without Walls International Church in Tampa about the separation of church and state. He is best known for refusing to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments located in the Alabama Supreme Court building rotunda. Before the speech, he answered reporter’s questions. WMNF’s Kim Farley reports…….

Earlier this year a federal judge instructed Justice Moore to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the rotunda of the Alabama State Supreme court. Moore stated that judge had no authority over him and refused to remove the monument that was installed in 2001 and paid for by private donations.

Justice Moore was disqualified from acting as a judge by the Court of the Judiciary, (which is a panel made of lawyers, judges, and civilians) in August when he did not remove the monument within the time established by the federal order. A complaint leading his disqualification stated that Moore had violated the law and not upheld the ethical duties of his office.

There will be a hearing on November 12 to determine whether the disqualification should be lifted. Here he explains his defense. (SB 2; OQ …violate your conscience, it’s just not constitutional law)

Chief Justice Moore has requested the Supreme Court rule on whether the case against him has any merit, as well as whether the Federal Judge who issued the Order had the authority to do so. He hopes they will rule by November.

If the Supreme Court decides to stay out of the issue, Moore says he does not believe the Court of the Judiciary will rule against him. (SB 3; OQ …situation in our country)

When asked whether it was discriminatory not to include monuments to other religions such as Islam he said, (SB 4; OQ …or you have to believe in God). But when asked if a monument to Islam or a depiction of the Koran were placed in the Alabama Supreme Court building he said he’d have a great problem because , (SB 5; OQ …??????????).

If the hearing does go as he hopes and he is reinstated, he says the monument will be restored and he’ll fight to get it and keep it there. When it was originally installed, he knew he was going to have a fight but he went through with it anyway. (SB 6; OQ …out of our country)

For WMNF News, I’m Kimberley Farley

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