Critics picket single payer health care rally in Tampa

05/28/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Rallies on behalf of having the government sponsor a single payer form of health care are being held throughout the week across the country.

In Tampa this afternoon, approximately two dozen supporters of such a health care system stood outside the federal building on Florida Avenue.

Chris Clement lives in Ozona. He said he wants a health care plan that shouldn’t be linked to an employer.

Although there is a bill in the House sponsored by Ohio’s Dennis Kucinich and Michigan’s John Conyers supporting single payer, it does not appear to be anything that the Obama administration nor its allies on Capitol Hill believe in.

Code Pink member Anita Stewart referenced a recent incident involving the Senate Finance Committee, where an advocate for single payer was ejected by Chairman Max Baucus, Democrat from Montana.

About 20 minutes into the rally, critics of a single payer health care system gathered near the protestors on Florida Avenue with their own signs. One of those critics was St. Petersburg neurosurgeon David McKalip, who has become somewhat of a public figure as an anti-tax advocate in recent years.

Similar rallies for single payer health care are scheduled to take place across the country over the next few days.

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