Hillsborough citizens sound off about SB 360

06/03/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Hillsborough County residents blasted Governor Charlie Crist at today’s County Commission meeting, over his signing Senate Bill 360 earlier this week.

Among other things, the law allows developers in communities such as Hillsborough County to no longer have to pay if local roads could not handle the impact of their project. Critics say this effectively guts growth management in the state.

Vivian Baca argued for the County to hire outside counsel to challenge the legality of the legislation, and she said in the interim the County needed to step up in other areas.

Marcella Osteen was extremely bitter about those legislators who supported SB 360 – particularly her fellow Republicans in the Bay Area state delegation.

George Niemann is with United Citizens Action Network. He said that he was in no mood to hear alibis from State Legislators when the deleterious affects of the legislation become apparent.

Commissioner Mark Sharpe, who led the effort behind the Board writing a letter to Governor Crist last month requesting that he veto SB 360, said he hoped to speak to County officials about the ramifications of the legislation at the County’s next Land Use Meeting.

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