Florida Hometown Democracy says it has surpassed goal

06/08/09 Mitch E. Perry
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Organizers of the Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment petition campaign announced today that they have passed the threshold of signatures needed to get on the 2010 ballot.

The proposal would allow voters to challenge developers by requiring voter approval to local comprehensive land use plans.

But organizers say it’s not yet time to celebrate. Specifically, organizers are challenging a 2007 law passed by the Florida Legislature that allows for the process of revoking petitions, which allows groups to essentially ask those who sign petitions if they’d like to take their names off such petitions, and thus hurt some petition drives.

Lesley Blackner is president of Florida Hometown Democracy. Her group has challenged that revocation process to the Florida Supreme Court.

The state requires 676,871 valid signatures from all over the state. Those signatures must be spread out across 13 of the state’s Congressional districts.

A group opposed to Florida Hometown Amendment, called Floridians for Smart Growth, is also trying to get on the ballot next year. Language in that amendment says that if both measures pass, the Smart Growth initiative would take precedence.

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